New Office Space

New office space of the Universal GmbH in the commercial and industrial area Achenbach I / II – Lünen.

The Universal GmbH moves into new office and training rooms:
The Universal GmbH is now continuing its business in new office and warehouse space on a plot of land measuring just under 2700 square meters on Wilfried Diekmann Street. In the future, 700 square meters of office space and 3 large storage and training rooms will be available here.

New Website

Universal GmbH the International Certifier goes online with the new global website

Since this month the time has come – the new website is online. With a new design – optimized for desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones – the global certifier presents the certification processes and new regulations.

You will learn all about accreditation, personal, company and system certification as well as news in the DAkks regulations.

Auditors have the opportunity to download logos, rules and certification processes conveniently and easily.


Google+ is also online.

Our new Google + presence is now complete. Our appearance will inform you about all new information, you should follow us.
You can assess, rate and criticize our services as well as all other cooperation.

We wish you a lot of fun on our new Google+-Page!


Food Parcels

Food packages for needy families

Even if it sounds unimaginable to some of us, there are still people in Germany today who can not afford basic food for themselves or their families.
The Universal GmbH has tracked down many of these families – preparing packages of key staple foods and distributing them to these families.