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Personnel Certification SCC

The certification company offers you a variety of certification options in a wide variety of areas of impact for your company – and with system.

Below you will find a list of the most common and widely used certifications as well as their definition and areas of application.

SCC: Safety certificate for managers and employees

SGU­: Audits of operational managers and employees

SCC­: Personal certification body in the UNICERT test (SCC body)


SCC: Safety certificate for executives and employees

SGU­-Examinations according to the SCC regulations
SCC – these three letters can be meaningful to companies providing services to industrial companies.

SCC is a specific management system for contractors in the area of safety, health and environment (SGU). If clients request this management system from companies that provide technical services or work for them or work as HR service providers, their operational executives and employees require a personal SCC certificate.
This certificate requires a passed SGU-exam according to the SCC regulations.

SGU­-Examinations of operational executives and employees

As an SCC personal certification body in the UNICERT exam, we offer SGU examinations. Our focus here is on operational executives. Upon passing the exam, you will receive an SCC certificate for the SGU examination that is valid for ten years.

Which requirements you have to bring to the exam can be found in our examination regulations.

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Some professional associations offer preparatory training. Here you can bring your SGU knowledge up to date – an ideal preparation for the exam.

Registration for the Exam

Please contact the relevant certification area for the exam registration.
Various documents are available for download at Application Form.

SCC personal certification body in the UNICERT test (SCC body)

unicert-dakks-akkreditierungsstelleWe are a personal certification body accredited by DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17024. The SCC office is a facility of the International Certification Body UNIVERSAL Unicert © GmbH